About Us

Salary Solutions Limited first began life as the Payroll Bureau of Gibson Booth Chartered Accountants. In April 2003 the practice decided to expand the business beyond the existing client list and extend the range of services. The bureau was re-branded and Salary Solutions Limited was born.

How we can help

Our service is tailored to your needs so you can pick and choose exactly what you want us to do. We offer a complete one to one payroll service carried out by competent, experienced and approachable staff.

Advantages to you

  • Year end returns are filed on-line and you still receive 100% of the incentive offered by H M Revenue & Customs (if applicable)
  • Genuine time and cost savings can be achieved
  • Accurate and timely – no need to worry about cover for staff – we’re always here!
  • No worries about penalties – all statutory forms filed within the deadlines
  • No expensive software to purchase and upgrade
  • No need to train staff or keep up to date with constantly changing legislation
  • Confidentiality guaranteed
  • We are part of Gibson Booth Ltd, so you can be assured of expert additional advice if required

Easy to approach – why not ask us for a no obligation quote? Call 01226 233 831 or Email payroll@salarysolutions.co.uk

Salary Solutions is not only our name but our objective.